1237 290th Ave Garvin, MN 56132  507-626-0302

About Us

We have had springers for over 40 years; primarily using them for hunting upland game, water fowl, and as family pets. We have always found springers to be cheerful and affectionate, good with family members, and ever alert to intruders. Our springers have excelled in hunting, obedience, showmanship, and agility training, proving themselves to be versatile dogs, good athletes, quick to learn and willing to obey.

We are striving to raise springers that excel in hunting performance and athleticism in keeping with the sporting dog character. Our springers have national champions in their background, Greenbriar Raider, Denalisunflos Ring, Denalisunflos Bandita, and The Iceman. There are several other field trial and amateur field champions in their pedigrees. All of our dogs have proven themselves to be excellent hunters, always ready to go at the sight of the gun.

Our human family consists of Doug, Melanie, and their children; Ben (Kate) and Sarah (Dave). Our dogs are raised on our family farm in Garvin, Minnesota. We encourage all those who wish to view our dogs to call and make an appointment.

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