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April 2017

This month has been CRAZY! We are very fortunate that people are so excited about our puppies! We are too! We love all of our dogs! I want to take this moment to apologize for our lack of photo updating. Dad (or as you know him, Doug) has been ill this winter, and just this week we found out he had pneumonia and he was hospitalized. We also had our older female, Maggie in to the vet this week to remove some benign tumors and have her spayed for her health and safety as she is retired. She is 12 years old. This past week was also my birthday, and my parents came up to visit my family in St. Cloud. We are still lambing, and hoping the weather gets warm so we can get out in the field.

My brother has been able to visit me in St. Cloud a few times this winter due to business meetings being held in Minnesota. I have taken care of his dog, Gus, who is one of Bear and KCs pups. I’ve added some photos.

Since Dad has been in this hospital and generally not doing well, Mom has been caring for all of our livestock. A fully operating crop and livestock farm with horses…and a fresh litter of puppies, takes a lot of time, energy, and love. I appreciate everyone’s patience while waiting on photographs of the puppies to be updated as they grow. I have a five month old baby boy, and it has been difficult for me to get home to the farm as I usually do to take photos (I’m hoping its easier next year, but then I’ll probably have to duct tape his butt to the floor instead of carrying him everywhere). We have the female photos updated, and I am awaiting the male photos from Mom. Hopefully this evening. We’ll see how her day goes. Sometimes we have machinery technical difficulties as well.

I will tell you this, there is never a boring day at Pamp Farms/Homestead Kennels. We look forward to meeting all of you as you come to meet the newest members of your families.



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