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Bear’s Annual Exam

Woohoo! Bear did great today! The doctor said he looked fantastic, and that there were no issues. I do my blood work and urinalysis testing at his biannual, just because that is when he gets all of his vaccines as well. This was basically just an overall exam that went over joints, eyes, teeth, ears, feet, skin and coat. I am proud to say that all the teeth brushing I do (every morning!) and those dental chews (every evening!) are doing their job. My boy Bear is two and still at a 0/4 for dental disease. No gingivitis or calculus! I know that not everyone is on board with pet dental care, but if you feel like it is something you can do, or would like to do, I say GO FOR IT! You might get some weird looks, and hey, I’m probably getting some now from some of you that are reading this. I myself did not understand the importance of this before I was introduced to it. I’m working on preventive care with my dogs since my cats are in pretty bad shape mouth-wise…granted they are 7 and 10 years old. Now that I understand that it is just like taking care of OUR mouths (duh Sarah, why wouldn’t it be?), I’m at least going to try and do better with my dogs.

Why do I do it myself on my dogs? Because as bacteria builds up in the mouth, just like in people, that bacteria can get into the bloodstream through the gums and make its way to the internal organs, causing disease. It can also be painful as periodontal disease progresses, causing abscesses, bad breath, gingivitis, and resorptive lesions among other issues. I know it isn’t for everyone, and I certainly would never judge anyone who decides not to do dental care on their pets. I just believe that everyone should at least know why it is becoming an important part of your dogs veterinary visits, and that it can help your pet live a little bit longer! Check out this link from AAHA (The American Animal Hospital Association, which the clinic I work at is a member of) about the importance of dental care: AAHA: Brushing Your Dogs Teeth

Scout had her rabies and final distemper vaccine today, as well as a mini exam to track how her growth is progressing. She is getting more bold and friendly as well. I’m so proud of my puppies! To keep up with her socialization, since I have very few human friends that come to visit regularly, I am heading to her second puppy class on Sunday night.

Have a great weekend!

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