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Solid Food!

The pups had their first taste of solid food as we began the weaning process this past Friday. I was fortunate enough to be there to experience it! They did not seem to know what to do, and walked in it a lot (lol). However, throughout the weekend, we began to add softened puppy food […]

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Little Burritos

I cannot believe how fast time flies! their eyes are opening, they are moving around, and I can’t wait to see them again! Bear met them two weeks ago, when they were still little burritos, and he did not know what to think. KC was less than thrilled with his presence and she chased him […]

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The Pups are here!

Our 2014 litter arrived Thursday, the 26th of June. The parents of this litter were Bear and KC, this was the first litter for both of them. We welcomed 9 new pups into the world. I am extremely excited about this litter because they are my grandpuppies. I cannot wait to meet them in person. […]

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