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the homestead

April 2017

This month has been CRAZY! We are very fortunate that people are so excited about our puppies! We are too! We love all of our dogs! I want to take this moment to apologize for our lack of photo updating. Dad (or as you know him, Doug) has been ill this winter, and just this […]

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Winter at Pamp Farms

We have puppies coming! Yay! But, why haven’t you heard much from us?! Well, during the winter at Pamp Farms, we are very busy. Not only do we expect pups each year (if the heat cycles work, hopefully in the early spring/late winter), but we also are a fully operating farm which raises Columbia sheep. […]

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Entering 2015 with Pups on the Horizon

Holy Cow! I am terrible at writing blog posts! In my defense, it has been a busy fall. We had a two pup litter from Maggie, and both went to marvelous homes! I did take one of them, because I was wanting an additional companion. Not only for myself, but also for Bear. She will […]

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Little Burritos

I cannot believe how fast time flies! their eyes are opening, they are moving around, and I can’t wait to see them again! Bear met them two weeks ago, when they were still little burritos, and he did not know what to think. KC was less than thrilled with his presence and she chased him […]

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