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Working with your puppy’s behavior

I had to read this article at work, and although I study canine behavior as a personal interest of mine due to¬† past experiences, I feel like this article will more than benefit even the long-time dog owner. Why? Because I’ve always had a well trained dog, who was well socialized. I thought it was […]

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Puppy Proofing your House

So! You’ve picked out your puppy, and you are getting excited for him/her to come home with you. You are buying supplies and dreaming about holding the sweet baby, smelling the puppy breath, and rubbing that soft, warm, fat little tummy. For some of you, this may be your first puppy, or at least the […]

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Bear’s Annual Exam

Woohoo! Bear did great today! The doctor said he looked fantastic, and that there were no issues. I do my blood work and urinalysis testing at his biannual, just because that is when he gets all of his vaccines as well. This was basically just an overall exam that went over joints, eyes, teeth, ears, […]

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