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Entering 2015 with Pups on the Horizon

Holy Cow! I am terrible at writing blog posts! In my defense, it has been a busy fall. We had a two pup litter from Maggie, and both went to marvelous homes! I did take one of them, because I was wanting an additional companion. Not only for myself, but also for Bear. She will be spayed, as I do not plan to use her for breeding. For the last four weeks, I have been juggling my two jobs, house hold duties, two cats, a dog, and a new puppy. It has been busy! Fall also brought some work transitions for my husband, Dave, and this made it a little more difficult to focus on “extra curricular activities”, such as updating the kennel website. Mom and Dad were focused on getting the crops out of the field, as well as taking care of my grandparents. However, we do stay on top of updating our facebook page. Because it has been so busy, I did not have a chance to hunt with Bear this year, though I did do lots of field practice with him on the few weekends I got off.

We have been getting some pretty consistent reports/responses/updates from a few of our puppy parents from KC and Bear’s summer 2014 litter. We have heard the most from Katy, Cairo, Anna, Gus, and Drake. We LOVE the videos, photos, and communication that we have received. I have been posting those pictures/videos on facebook, and will soon have a place to add video to the website. It sounds like those puppies are performing fantastically in their early hunting experiences. We love to hear how our pups are doing, so it has been wonderful to see how they grow, in addition to knowing that their families are head over heels in love with them.

As we finish up the first month of 2015, we are looking forward to the development of KC’s pregnancy. The pups are expected to arrive in March. After a little finagling, we had a successful breeding between Bear and KC two weeks ago. Maggie will hopefully be having her littler later this spring, or possibly early summer. We hope to breed her to Bear. It will be her last litter as she turned 10 (I can’t believe she is this old!) in December. Time sure does fly!

bearbdayBear also turned 2 on the 19th of January! I’ve included a picture of him and his “cake”, which both he and his “sister”, Scout, got to enjoy.

I will be working on posting updated photos I received from last years pups, as well as adding some general puppy information that I have always found helpful! In the meantime, enjoy a photo of my “kids”!


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