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The Pups are here!

Our 2014 litter arrived Thursday, the 26th of June. The parents of this litter were Bear and KC, this was the first litter for both of them. We welcomed 9 new pups into the world. I am extremely excited about this litter because they are my grandpuppies. I cannot wait to meet them in person. I got off work that Thursday and called my mom and she let me know that the first pup had just been born, and a second was already on the way.

KC had an easy time of it, though I heard that she had been nesting and was even underneath the oat-house trying to find a secluded place to give birth. Thankfully they got her inside and into the whelping box! I am going to attempt to get home this weekend in between work so that I can see the little ones before they get too much bigger. We need to take some nice pictures of them anyway!

I will update the puppy page as I get pictures from mom and have the time to edit them to size, etc.

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