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New Website

I am almost done with the website. I am currently waiting on the photos of KC and Bear’s litter from mom. There are a few social functionalities I am working on (I have twitter and facebook links up, but I was trying to get some active feeds that display within widgets and on the pages themselves) and hope to have completed soon. I also refreshed the logo (the mark of the dog head I drew several years ago has stayed the same) and was working on a new color palette. I figured as long as I was revamping the website, I just as well freshen up the Homestead Kennels brand.

I am excited about this new version as it is more user AND admin friendly as far as updates are concerned. I’d like to think that others in the family might also update with news on this site since wordpress makes it very easy, but I am not going to get my hopes up! I know they will just pass down what they want to share to me so that I can post it for them. Which is OK.

IMG_20140701_215113_739Bear is a little frustrated with me as of late. I have been working more hours at the clinic to cover for a gal on vacation, and when I get home I try to work on my freelance design work. We still get our two walks in during the day, and some play time with bubbles, fetch, and tug (sometimes laser pointers if he can behave himself and not get too worked up!), but I feel guilty for not snuggling more. I’m sorry Bear! I am also very excited to see how he handles meeting the puppies this next weekend, and seeing what KC does if he gets too close!

I have attached a photo of my workspace, I’ve seen way too much of this website layout and this computer as of late! I’ve also included a photo of my boy asking me to play!

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