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Solid Food!

The pups had their first taste of solid food as we began the weaning process this past Friday. I was fortunate enough to be there to experience it! They did not seem to know what to do, and walked in it a lot (lol). However, throughout the weekend, we began to add softened puppy food to the cream of rice, and they ate it more readily. Mom sent me some pics of them from today (Wednesday), and they have grown considerably from when I last saw them on Sunday. Their personalities are coming through, and they are tooling around exploring and playing.

I was home this weekend, and because of that, met two of the families who will be taking our pups, it makes me feel so good inside to know that through us, and the puppies that we raise, we are easing the pain of lost and beloved pets and bringing smiles and laughter and love back to the faces of their new owners. It is also exciting to see a young couple buy their first puppy together as they begin their new life as a little family. I am so honored to know that we can help bring a bright spot into the world simply by sharing our love of our springers with those around us.

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