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  • Billy & Lisa PoppeBilly & Lisa PoppeLilly
    We adopted Lilly from you the beginning of December last year and today she is 1 year old.  She has been a very energetic pup!  🙂  She has shown our 6 year old German Wirehair how to play like a pup again.  He has a hard time outrunning her in the big open areas of our play areas (he is twice as tall and has long legs).  They are best friends and when we first got Lilly he tried to keep strangers away from Lilly by barking and standing in the way.  The roles have now reversed and Lilly has taken over as the watchdog.
    Lilly can be full of energy but also has been a great dog when I'm studying, she lays on a dog bed next to my desk and rest until I'm done.  Many nights she will be there until 1 AM and only interrupt to let me know she wants to go outside.
    Lilly has been exposed to gunshots and isn't gun shy.  She get excited when the hunting equipment comes out and especially excited when I get out her orange vest/chest protector.  She knows we're going to play with birds or go hunting and that's her second favorite activity (her 1st is eating food!).  We haven't gotten any pheasants yet this year but I think there is a shortage of them in this area.  She also loves water and likes going to the PAW in Mankato to play in their swimming pool (she hasn't learned to jump from the dock yet though).  She does well swimming in the lake but needs a bath when we get home because of the smell of the lake water  (we don't do that as often).
    Just in the last month Lilly has discovered playground equipment and discovered she can run up the steps and go down the slide by herself.  She does this over and over until we make her come home.  The children in the neighborhood love watching her do the slide!
    We have enjoyed her as an addition to our family!
    Attached are some recent photos of her.
    Billy & Lisa Poppe
    lilly3 lilly2 lilly1
  • Adam and Kady GodfreyAdam and Kady GodfreyCairo

    He's so sweet and loves to sleep under the covers in bed and be snuggled. He is also learning to be a good hunter! He's mostly along for the ride but he likes being out in the field and is eager to learn. He is also doing so collar modeling for his mom's new collar business! He hasn't let his fame go to his head, happy to wrestle with Aspen but he had his own sweet personality and we love him!



  • Ben RustadBen RustadDrake

    He really is a great dog very intelligent and the biggest lover I have ever seen would recommend homestead kennels to any good dog lover...Can't wait to see what next hunting season has in store for Drake and me. Drakedrake

  • Joshua BaasJoshua BaasKaty

    Just wanted to let you know how well Katy is doing.  She has definitely got instinct for hunting! I have had her out on 4 fifteen minute walks for pheasants with my dad and his dog now. Nothing but happy.  Tonight we got the first rooster that Katy had a part in. She didn't get it up but saw it fall and she was there in a flash and it wasn't dead so she chased it down and had her mouth on it when I got there. I will attach a picture to.

    Thanks Again!

  • LauraLauraTJ

    TJ and Ruby have become great pals. She doesn't always appreciate his non-stop energy, but I think he has revived her youth somewhat (Ruby turned 10 on 6/20/2012). Our 6 month old grandson loves to watch them play. We've been working with TJ on basic sit, stay, off and come commands. We've also been working with a smaller sized dummy. He understands about fetching and is pretty eager to please. If we throw a ball or stick however, he's more inclined to chew. Time, repetition and patience will remedy this. He is such a joy and what a handsome face! I took this picture of them resting in front of our Rubadub Tub hot tub after racing around our South Dakota farm.

  • Vicki BellrichardVicki BellrichardAddie

    We decided on the name Addie for our pup. She is such a little sweetheart! Here at home she is doing very well with her potty training and crate/kennel training. She comes when called and stays near me at all times. She is very playful and is being very respectful to our cat Smokey. Thank you again for raising such nice dogs and giving us an opportunity to care for one.

  • Craig & LindaCraig & LindaLacy

    Lacy, from our spring 2010 litter.

  • Ed & Connie FeederEd & Connie FeederRiley

    Doug, Just thought we would send you a few pictures of the dog we bought from you this last spring, his name is Riley. He has been a ball of energy and has keep us busy keeping up with him but he is a lot of fun. He can run as hard as you want and he can take it easy when you rest. The training is going good and he has really fit in with the family and keeps our two boys on their toes and loves to be with someone all of the time. He is a big part of the family now and doing well. Hope he is done growing and he must be about 55-60 pound and solid as a rock so he seems a little bigger then our other Springer, this makes it interesting when he still thinks he is a puppy and wants to sit on your lap. So just wanted to get you an update and wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  • Doris & Chuck YoungquistDoris & Chuck YoungquistZoey

    zoeybigHi – Attached are some pictures of Zoey from your 2010 litter. She is a very social and affectionate dog. She has a lot of energy! Her favorite toy is the frisbee, so it works well to run off some of the energy. She quickly became a “water dog” last summer after she learned to swim, and also loves to play in the snow. She is a beautiful dog and has been a great addition to our family.


  • WayneWayneTed Jr.

    Hi wanted to show off Ted on his birthday!!(lighter dog in front) He’s a special dog . Thanks, Wayne

  • Jane M. SpeckenJane M. SpeckenParker

    slide-3Doug and Melanie: I came across Parker’s file and his papers and thought I’d send you some pictures we had taken of him in October. Parker Killian was from the July 2006 litter and we LOVE HIM to death. Unfortunately, I have spoiled him rotten (much to my husband’s dismay), but Parker is so much a member of our family. As you can see, he is a beautiful dog. When I take him to the dog park people constantly comment on what a beautiful dog he is. His face says it all. He loves to be on the go and still is full of spunk. He keeps me young. When we go to the cabin he can’t have enough water, run of the land and competition with all of his cousins (the other family dogs).We have been very happy with Parker and what he has contributed to our family.

  • Glenn & Linda StruthersGlenn & Linda StruthersMiko

    This is Miko, a male pup from our 2006 litter. Miko and Glenn stopped by the farm for a visit in 2008.

  • Bret BakleyBret BakleyTessa

    slide-4Dear Doug and Melanie, My name is Bret Bakley. My girlfriend is Laura Nelsen. Laura bought a puppy from you from your July 22nd 2006 litter. We named her Tessa. I wanted to share some pictures with you and let you know what a wonderful dog she is. She is an amazing hunter!!!! The 1st photo of her flushing the pheasant she was 6 months old. The other picture is her with our 11 year old Springer when she was 13 months. The 3rd is us going fishing. I wanted you to see what a beautiful dog she turned out to be.

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