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Two weeks old!

I FINALLY got to visit home this past weekend to see my grandpups! They are growing like weeds! All are healthy, strong, happy little puppies with full bellies. Amazing considering there are 13 of the little buggers. There was only one puppy that needed supplementation for about two days, but now all are doing well and nursing from mom. KC is a wonderful mother, and a great milker. She eats like a horse, but she definitely deserves to be able to with all those little mouths to feed.  I was able to hold and snuggle each of them throughout the weekend. I must say that they all have very lovely patterns.

Their eyes were starting to open when I left on Sunday, and some were starting to teeter around the whelping box to explore, find warmth, or a mystery nipple (which sometimes was my finger!).  I spoke with my mom today, and she said they were all walking around the whelping box fairly well today. It won’t be too much longer before we start to give them puppy food with cream of rice. I can’t wait to see how their personalities start to develop. I’m looking forward to the next photoshoot 🙂

I am pretty taken with M3 –  his markings are the closest I’ve seen to Ted. However, we still have not had a puppy with the super wide half and half blaze (half white, half liver; no stripe).

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