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Winter at Pamp Farms

We have puppies coming! Yay! But, why haven’t you heard much from us?! Well, during the winter at Pamp Farms, we are very busy. Not only do we expect pups each year (if the heat cycles work, hopefully in the early spring/late winter), but we also are a fully operating farm which raises Columbia sheep. Our ewes start lambing in January and this can continue through April. Because of this, we are often very busy out in the barns taking care of our lambs, and do not get the chance for many updates on our website, or on our facebook page. We also have donkeys and horses to care for, so our hands are full making sure our critters are fed, warm, and happy.

Rest assured, KC is doing well, and we are just as excited as you to see what this litter of pups has to offer! As a reminder, we do have one of each sex already spoken for, so make sure to get your request in soon before they are all gone!


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